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Starting with the End in Mind

Starting with the End in Mind helps to validate that you are providing what is needed and to logically breakdown the steps needed for success.


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Process only gets it half done

In my past experiences, I have witnessed many process improvement efforts.  Many have succeeded – many more have failed.  Why is that?  Process only gets it half done in my opinion.  Accountability and Communication are the crucial other half.  A process depicts what needs to be done and if you are lucky, it will state who is responsible for undertaking the task.  What a process does not do is hold each team member accountable.  Nor does it force team members to communicate status to each other or support each other as issues arise.

Depending on the size of your organization, a well-defined process is needed.  Everyone needs to understand who does what.  I strongly recommend that you consider empowering your team leaders to drive accountability within their project teams.  Team members should be held accountable by their peers and the management team to accomplish tasks as assigned.  Beyond accountability, team members should be encouraged to share issues and risks with the team so everyone can help with resolving issues.

Let me know how your organization is strengthened or weakened by process.  Do you find that it’s a crutch to lean on or a pillar of strength?

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