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It’s About Time

As I was getting ready for work the other morning, I groaned when I thought about the fact that I had not gone to the gym in a few days. I thought to myself “I just don’t have time”. Then it dawned on me – I am doing this wrong.

It is not about not having the time, it’s about not making the activity a priority based on the time that I have available. I should be saying “I have not made time for the gym”.

Don’t we hear this around work all the time? “Sorry, I didn’t get that done – I didn’t have time”

How do we shift our thinking to priorities? How do we get people to think about how to spend their time differently? Why do people assume some activities are not required as part of their role when they perceive that they do not have time (self-prioritization)? Should each of us be prioritizing our efforts individually? Should our manager? Maybe our team? Most likely, a combination of these options – but all of these groups should be aware of the priorities.

Just by saying this phrase outloud “I have not made time for that this week” – I think we are causing people to think differently. We are taking accountability for how we spend our time – one of the only things we truly have control over.


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